Simultaneous Events

Simultaneous Events is the third novel of the Khronigmata Saga. It was finished writing in 2015 and is waiting to become a physical book as soon as life allows it.
Simultaneous Events, more than a novel is a set of stories that complement The Strain of Anomaly, answering several of the questions that were put on hold, but also generating new questions that will be answered in another of the novels.
With Simultaneous Events, the reader will be able to generate a greater conection between The Strain of Anomaly and Hunting Glitches, converting this set of stories an important link within the Saga.


A rebellion is formed when a group of people who share the same ideal come together to generate a change which they believe is necessary. But what is it that leads each of these members to obtain that ideal? To understand the future, we must know the past, and in some cases, to understand the past, it is necessary to remember the future.
Simultaneous Events is a set of stories that closes the doors of several questions that have remained pending from The Strain of Anomaly, and opens many others to leave us expectant for more.

Data Sheet

"Simultaneous Events" awaits printing. It is a novel of more than 280 pages.

Inside J. L. Demarcus Mind

Warning: ¡The following content may contain Spoilers!

Here you will find the designs of some of the most important "items" of the novel, made by the same author. Whenever we think convenient, we will add more elements to share.

Thank you for being part of this magnificent adventure

Patagonia, Argentina

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