The Strain of Anomaly

The Strain of Anomaly is the first novel of the Saga Khronigmata, written in 2014. In this twisted story is where seem to start all the chronological enigmas that occur in this simile world full of pseudoscience, mystery drama and crimes.

A novel full of unexpected turns, characters of all kinds with which you will be fond, and an ending that will leave you wanting more. According the judgment of several readers, it is a recommended novel for those who like mental challenges.

Are you ready to enter the world of Khronigmata?


March 13, 2019 is the most momentous date in the life of Anthony Bootnik, but he does not know it. That same night, in the city of Calgary, while analyzing one of the best inventions created by his brother Thomas, both are surprised by mysterious characters, which leave no clue that allows the police to identify them. When he wakes up in the hospital he finds out that his brother has disappeared in the enigmatic scene of the crime and there are no traces of him, more than a few drops of blood. Years later, during one of the most difficult times in Canadian history, Anthony discovers the extraordinary truth about his brother's crime, beginning the most exciting adventure of his life.

Data Sheet

"The Strain of Anomaly" has been printed by Editorial Dunken, with a circulation of 300 copies, in October of 2018, this being the First Edition. It is a novel of 368 pages, matte softcover and double flap. The design of the cover and back cover was made by Pablo Bugani.
ISBN: 978-987-763-742-4.

Inside J. L. Demarcus Mind

Warning: ¡The following content may contain Spoilers!

Here you will find the designs of some of the most important "items" of the novel, made by the same author. Whenever we think convenient, we will add more elements to share.

Thank you for being part of this magnificent adventure

Patagonia, Argentina

© 2019 by J. L. Demarcus. All rights reservec.

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