The Strain of anomaly

Designs by J. L. Demarcus

Summer house (515 St.)

The summer house on 515 St.

  • Where does the address of the Casona come from?

The Anomaly Strain was written in 2013, during the period in which the author lived in the city of La Plata, Buenos Aires. One of the peculiarities of this city is that the streets are numbered in a very peculiar way, providing a very easy location for those who visit the city. This is one of the forms that the author has had to express his experience in the novel La Plata.

  • Why the design of the Casona?

The design of the Casona is the author's own and the images on display were made by himself. The design has no particular explanation, beyond the fact that J. L. Demarcus has always liked this type of porch house; residences that are usually common in the city native of the author.

Project T

Project T

  • Why the design of Project T?

Taking into account so many other designs of this type of "machines", J. L. Demarcus opted for a more conventional design that also had the necessary characteristics to be able to fulfill its objective within the novel. A "machine" was needed that could be transported from one place to another; that it was not of enormous dimensions; that fits inside a house; make it silent Of course everything would be much better with a DeLorean in between, but ... better leave the simple design similar to a metal detector.

Soon we will upload more details of the novel

Thank you for being part of this magnificent adventure

Patagonia, Argentina

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