How can  I get a copy?

At the moment "The Strain of Anomaly" is only in paper format. As soon as we have an electronic version we will notify you.

Unfortunately The Strain of Anomaly does not have a translated version on paperback for sale. The only English version available can be found on Wattpad and it is free to read. Click here to visit the site.

Bookstores in S. C. de Bariloche:

  • LA BARCA LIBROS: Mitre 520

  • LIBROS Y ALAS: Beschtedt 175 - local 10

  • UPPSALA ALMACÉN DE LIBROS: Mitre 585, Local 3 - Av. Ángel Gallardo 880

  • LIBRERÍA CULTURA: San Martín 243

If you are from the city of S.C. de Bariloche or Dina Huapi, you can contact us and we will make the delivery free of charge.

Editorial Dunken:

  • EN LA EDITORIAL: Ayacucho 357, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires.




Mercado Libre:


There are several bookstores in Mercado Libre that have the book available. Search for "La Cepa de Anomalía" or "J. L. Demarcus" to find us. Soon we will have our own online store to offer the book directly.

If you want a copy of the book autographed by the author, you just have to contact us here, or sending an e-mail to

Thank you for being part of this magnificent adventure

Patagonia, Argentina

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