Hunting Glitches

Hunting Glitches is the second novel of the Khronigmata Saga. This is finished writing in 2017 and is waiting to become a physical book as soon as life allows it.

The story of this novel takes place forty years after the final events of The Strain of Anomaly, in the United States. The reader will find a new range of characters that throughout the reading can relate to previous events in Canada.

A new novel full of pseudoscience, crimes and dramas.


It is the year 2080 and in DRG BioTech, a major biotechnology laboratory in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, A group of scientists has managed to complete a project that began at the beginning of the century as an implausible and impossible idea. Following in the footsteps of all those who studied these genetic modifications, these five scientists manage to produce the first functional formula of the APH.
In spite of wanting to keep the important invention in the hands of the most judicious organisms in the world, they learn that the same directive of DRG BioThech sold the powerful product to CeNTA, a secret organization belonging to the National Army of the United States.
Desperate to keep the APH safe from the hands of this suspicious organization, the five scientists take a drastic decision that will produce a severe change in their lives, making them the prey of Colonel Caldwell and his men.

Data Sheet

"Hunting Glitches" awaits to be printed. It is a novel of more than 750 pages.

Inside J. L. Demarcus Mind

Warning: ¡The following content may contain Spoilers!

Here you will find the designs of some of the most important "items" of the novel, made by the same author. Whenever we think convenient, we will add more elements to share.

Thank you for being part of this magnificent adventure

Patagonia, Argentina

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